Monday, October 26, 2009

We're Getting Married!!

Significant? Maybe a little...

Have we secretly been looking forward to starting our own blog?

Heck Yes!

So we thought, why not start the blogging now while we're still in the wedding planning process!? Afterall, we were told to "cherrish every moment" of the "joyous" planning process, because it will be over so fast. HA!

Well, not sure how much we agree with it all being "joyous", but we are excited with the part about it being over soon!

Let's just say, the whole planning process hasn't really been our thing...but we're pretty sure the being married part is. So we're just anxious to get to that part already :) Only 59 more days! But who's counting?

In the meantime, here are some random pictures to show what we've been up to these past few months...

 The O.A.R. concert in Raleigh, which was Andrew's belated birthday present

At the NC State Parents Weekend football game vs. Pittsburgh. It rained the entire game...

...and this is how Brittany felt about the rain

Of course...doing some wedding planning...
...and writing some thank you notes...
...on our sweet new stationary :)

NC State Fair = Brittany Eats ALOT

Andrew's first time ordering pancakes...and he actually enjoyed them! For those who know how picky he is... this is HUGE.

Opening gifts at our Wedding Shower

Half of the Bridesmaids. Thats right...there's 5 more lovely ladies

The BEST part ;)

Brittany's sorority sister, Lauren,  got married at the beautiful Mankin Mansion in Richmond

The new Mr & Mrs. Kirchgassner!

One last beach trip to Sandbridge
Unfortunately, we will probably not look this tan again after our move to Wisconsin.
Wisconsin has summer... for about 1 month? yikes!