Thursday, June 14, 2012

So far....

Hi there, week 24 bump belly!

...this pregnancy has been pretty nice and easy for me (other than the few beginning weeks where food in general wasn't exactly my favorite). And for that, I am SO grateful!

So far:
-no crazy cravings like pickles with peanut butter, but I have had a few main cravings, like apples, fruit, blueberry waffles, and lately...half & half (Tea & Lemonade -not the coffee creamer). Unfortunately, there have been 2 aversions: seafood and sweet potatoes...blah! Crazy, right? Can't touch them, can't think about them, can't go near them. Praying, though, that I can go back to liking these after baby girl arrives!

-I've managed to only buy a few pieces of maternity clothing and have somehow "creatively" found ways to extend my pre-pregnancy wardrobe (which also has helped extend the wallet. score!). I've even found it to be quite a fun "challenge" :)

-sleep has been great! I think I have to give this credit to my mothers day gift. I now swear by this thing for a restful, sleep-filled night.

-my favorite tips/advice/things I've learned so far have all come from current/new mommas and their first hand experience. So forget the books. Just tell me what you know!

-Baby Girl has been VERY active. My favorite is how she always lets me know she is (er, we are?) hungry by giving me some good nudges when my belly starts rumbling. It's quite cute. And I'm thinking she's already taking after her momma...who gets kind of cranky when hungry. oops! And then, every time, about 20 minutes after I eat, she always gives me some more good nudges and kicks...which I hope means she's happy!? Either way...I love feeling her move. LOVE it.

-every check up has been good, her heart beat has been strong and healthy, and there have been no complications or concerns. Extra praises for that!

-I've had to restrain myself from buying out the entire baby girl section at target, and ordering every sweet and cute baby girl outfit from Gap and other online retailers. SELF CONTROL is definitely being practiced here, people. But I have loved browsing baby girl nursery ideas! Adorable, to say the least. And surprisingly, (taking into account my very indecisive nature) I've been able to pick out a color palette and "main idea" for her nursery. If you're a follower on pinterest, I'm sure you can tell what it is :)

-I haven't had any crazy strangers come and touch my belly or say crazy things to me. But yes, I know...I'm sure it's coming as baby girl gets bigger. Oh, lord, please help me to be nice!

-the thought of having a girl does make us "nervous" at times, (trust me, I understand the differences in sons and daughters) but most of all we're just thankful for this little life and know & trust that the Lord has placed a daughter in our lives on purpose. He never does anything by chance or mistake. I love picturing Andrew as a father to a daughter and love knowing that she will have such a loving daddy to lead her, teach her, protect her and nuture her. Also thanks, Mark Driscoll, for your awesome sermons where you mention your own daughters and give some great examples, encouragement and truth to raising them. We can't wait to see how this little girl does, in fact, change us at the very deepest level.