Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Addy's First Christmas!

Well, Addy officially had her first Christmas! And we officially had our first Christmas as parents with a little one... And let me tell made all of the celebrating so much more fun :) 

Since Andrew's parents were heading to Charleston on Sunday for Christmas, we had an early Christmas with them on Saturday night. 

My sweetest little gift :)

"Pwesent for me!?"

Addy and her GiGi :)
"Whatcha got there, Daddy?"

"You lookin at me?"

I wanted to capture some sweet shots of our little babe on Christmas Eve in her cute little Christmas jammies. That sweet gummy grin makes me MELT every time!

Christmas morning! We woke up at our house and did our "little family of 3" Christmas together before heading to my moms house to do Christmas with my family there.

And what's Christmas morning without hot, homemade cinnamon rolls? served with hot coffee too, of course :)

 Stocking time! Of course, mama filled baby girl's stocking with clothes. ha! (oh, and please excuse the horrid bead hair, ugly glasses and no makeup. thanks.) posed :)


Christmas afternoon at Grandmas house! Addy with her great-grandma Kim...or "Halmoni" as we call her (Korean word for Grandma)

Merry Christmas from The Whites :)

The feast! My mom goes all out...And it is always AMAZING.

Addy with her Nana

After lunch, poor girl was pooped! So she decided to nap it up while we all opened presents. Party Pooper! haha

But after her nap, she was finally ready for her presents!

Halmoni loves her some Addy. (p.s. check at that little pinky! ah! I die lol)

After presents, sweet girl decided she was ready for round 2 of nap time.  And she especially loves sleeping in her daddy arms...which this mama LOVES to see :)

"Hooray for Christmas!"

 While all the celebrating was definitely extra fun with our sweet Addy, it also made us extra thankful for our precious little gift, as it also allowed us to view THE best gift ever given in a whole new light. The gift of Jesus! The fact that God sent us His one and only child so that WE could be saved...literally folks...sent His sweet little child to be born and then die as a sacrifice for us!? Oh man does that set even deeper now having a child of my own.  It brings me to tears knowing that God loves us that much, that he would give up his precious little baby for you and me. And I know I will be constantly reminded of that love every time I look into the face of my precious little baby, and I pray every day that she too, will grow up to know His love and desire it with all her little heart!

So I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas, and rejoiced in the greatest gift this world has EVER been given. 

Mama White