Thursday, August 30, 2012

One month to go

Well folks, as of today...we are one month away from due date! Although, my fingers are crossed for a possssssible early arrival? Ha, me and every other preggo mama out there, right?

Anyways, this baby (and belly!) is definitely getting LARGE. And boy can I feel it. And boy am I ready (to get this baby OUT!)
35 weeks. Whoa, mama!

With one month to go, my body is finally at the point where I don't feel like myself at ALL anymore.

Sleep is miserable. But I just want to sleep all the time. I cry about every other day. Mainly because something aches or hurts so bad. I've got the waddle walk DOWN pat. I huff and puff every time I try and get up off the couch, out of bed, or up from my desk at work. My wardrobe is now down to about 6 things that fit. And the thought of a WHOLE month left of feeling like this makes me want to burst out in tears.

But I'm hanging in there. And I'm praying...hard. And I'm trying to remind myself that as much as I want this baby in my arms, and this big ol' belly gone...I also want her to be healthy, first and foremost. And if that means she needs to bake for a whole month more...than so be it. Her needs before mine. And I also try to remember that although we are SO excited for her to get here...these are also the LAST few weeks Andrew and I will ever have together...just the 2 of us. And that's a sweet thing to think about and to embrace. So we're trying to keep that in mind and make the most of these precious (and quiet!) last weeks.

With one month to go, we look back throughout this pregnancy and realize how SO incredibly blessed blessed we have been by outpouring of love, gifts, encouragement, support, and sweet words from so many friends and family! It makes my heart want to burst with joy thinking about all the amazing people in our lives who care about us so much...and knowing that Baby Girl will get to meet them all soon and feel the same kind-hearted warmth and love. We love you all, so so so very much.

So as we approach the arrival of our sweet baby girl soon, we ask that you all would just continue to pray for us...for our minds and hearts as we are just weeks away from becoming parents! For me and my strength and endurance...not only through this last bit of pregnancy, but also through labor. That her delivery will be as smooth and uncomplicated as possible, and even if it doesn't go quite as I had planned or hoped...that she would at least come into this world healthy and strong.

Hard to believe that not long from now...this blog will finally feature her sweet little face instead of my big ol' belly :)