Friday, November 20, 2009

Dolphins vs. Panthers

I (Andrew), was finally able to watch my beloved dolphins play in person for the first time ever.

I got an email from Luke a few days before the game...
"Andrew, dolphins play the panthers on thursday night, lets go"

Um, yes please!

"Brittany, should I go to the dolphins game?"

"You better go to that game, you have to see them! You've never been to a game.... besides... I'm going to see twilight at midnight w/ Jessie"

5 mins later... my dad found out we were planning the trip to Charlotte...
"You going to the dolphins game? Well I'm coming too!"

And that was that.

Luke is much taller than me... so I'm totally standing on my "tippy-toes"

Dolphins win 24-17

Ohhhhh Yessssss!!

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  1. Man, I wish I had known yall were in Charlotte. I was in a class in the convention center right near the stadium on Thursday. I would've stopped by to say hello. Ah well. Next time. -BP