Thursday, December 24, 2009

Brittany's Graduation

Britt just graduated from North Carolina State University on Dec 19, 2009.

The same day Melissa and Kyle welcomed their gorgeous daughter June Marie into the world.

The whole family was able to travel down to Raleigh, NC for the grad ceremony....

... I love Raleigh.... a lot.



  1. Drewbie you are getting pretty darn fabulous at making short videos. Keep up the great work; I love it. And yes I wrote you this comment at 4am in the morning because June wasn't 't up for sleeping...oh well. Love you guys the wedding is so close!

  2. what a great graduation video!! haha too cute. Congrats to the newlyweds. epect a new post... one week from today! love you!!

  3. I am glad y'all love Raleigh so much...
    because once you brave the Mil need to move back and be our neighbors :) ... I can dream, right!?