Monday, February 22, 2010

Best Birthday

Andrew has always been good at planning sweet surprises for me. And he knows how much I love them. So last week, on my birthday, he gave me the sweetest birthday gift I could have asked for.
A day full of sweet surprises.

It started with me being at work, and I just got out of a meeting at noon and ready to go to lunch when my manager told me that first she wanted me to walk down to the main lobby with her because we had some vendors that were waiting for us to let them into a room to set up, and she wanted me to meet them since we would be working closely with them. So I'm walking down with her, excited to meet these new vendors and chatting away when my manager looks towards the waiting area and says "And here are our vendors!" Of course, as you probably guessed already...there were no was Andrew...holding the prettiest bouquet of flowers I have ever. And he wasn't just there to bring me the flowers, but he came to have lunch with me as well. So needless to say he was sneaky...especially for getting my manager in on it too! I loved it.

But that wasn't all. At the end of the day, I made my way home thinking we would be going out to dinner...when I walk inside our apartment to find this....

Even better than a dinner sweet, sweet husband served me that night. He prepared the setting, cooked the meal, and even sang Happy Birthday to me as I blew out the candle in my favorite cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory (chocolate chip cookie dough, of course!).
It was...amazing.

I guess you could say my first "married" birthday was the best one yet :)


  1. That is so wonderful. Perfectly romantic for a deserving birthday girl!

  2. aww. you two are so darn cute. and your hair is beautiful, brittany!