Monday, October 25, 2010


Unfortunately, this post is not about attending JMU's homecoming, which we sadly missed and wished we could have attended! Nor is it about NC State's Homecoming that we will also sadly miss next weekend.

Instead, it is to announce our very own homecoming...literally. Happening in 3 weeks.

Yep, you read that right...

The Whites are moving back to VA!

Andrew has received an amazing job offer back home, and after lots of prayer, conversation, lists of pro's and con's and what if's, we finally reached a place of assurance that this is where the Lord wants us. We know our time in Milwaukee has not been that long, and the thought of packing up our lives YET again (for the 2nd time in just 10 months) is absolutely dreadful, but we are so excited to get home, to be with family and friends again, and to be back near all the southern things we've missed!
...Such as (and most importantly)...

(First thing I do after crossing the state line will be ordering a #1 combo, with a large sweet tea and Polynesian sauce. mmm. How many more days again?)

Dear city of Milwaukee...while you have been a very different living experience for us, we will miss a few things about you:

Brewers Baseball Games

Your love for ....

And being only an hour drive from this amazing city (I'll miss being so close to you, Chi Town, and all of your amazing shopping!)

However, there are definitely a few things we will NOT miss. At all.

Surely won't miss this

Or having to dress like this for a solid 5 months

So Brew City, Thank You for your hospitality in the short amount of time we have been here. Thank you for letting us explore your great city, and for being good to us (for the most part) during our time here...But I'm sorry to say, you will never have anything on the east coast/south.

Peace Out Midwest!


  1. It will be so good to have you home again!!we have missed you sooo much !!
    Love you , Dad

  2. SOOOOO excited for you two! Congrats on the job Andrew! Let's talk soon!

  3. Very well said! We have missed you both very much. Although I have to say we did enjoy our visits and will miss the dining, brew and winery tours, etc. but would rather you be home with family and friends for boating, beaches, and some good southern, korean and mexican food! The Midwest will miss you but you have always belonged to the South! :)

    Love you both, Mom

  4. O man that was short. I thought we could hang out when I moved back? WE midwesterners do love our Cheese and beer. Well I guess at this point I can say Congrats on the job and welcome back to the East Coast!