Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A lot can happen in a year...

I know people always say "a lot can happen in a year", but the term "a lot" is always very subjective. As we are approaching our 1 year (CRAZY!) I'm thinking back to everything that has happened this past year, and I CAN NOT believe it. "A lot" would be an understatement. Let me give you a little recap.

From one year ago today, this is all that has happened:

-I was back at school finishing up my last couple of weeks as a college student, and preparing for graduation.
-Andrew and I were finishing (in a frantic/scrambling kind of way) planning the wedding.
-I had already accepted the job with Kohl's in Milwaukee, and we were preparing to uproot our lives and head to the midwest.
-We got married, went on an amazing honeymoon, and made the big move to Milwaukee 24 hours after getting back from our honeymoon.
-We settled into our new Wisconsin home, and I started my job 4 days later.
- We got acclimated to Milwaukee, met some great new people, made an addition to our family (our sweet Kenzie), and also became workaholics.
- 10 months after being in Milwaukee, Andrew gets his new job offer, and we decide/find out we are moving home
- We pack our lives up YET again, and make the 17 hr trek back to the good ol' VA, and just in time for Thanksgiving.
-We gain a 3rd residence in 1 year, and no prepare for Christmas and our 1 year anniversary! (Eek!)
-Instead of being workaholics now, Andrew is in a job he enjoys, and I am living the life of a stay-at-home wife (aka, unemployed) until I figure out what I should be doing now.

WHOA. I think we should get some award for going through the most change in a year.
But in all, it has been a great year, despite all the change. Andrew and I definitely had some challenges with everything above, but we have also grown so much through it all. We are so thankful for all of our amazing family and friends that have helped us, and supported us through everything, for without them, I don't know if we would have kept our sanity through it all. We have also had to learn to be much more faithful and trusting in Him, as many of these changes caused us to have to make big decisions, and we did not want these decisions to be ours. Because we knew they weren't ours to be made. We knew He had a plan, and we wanted to make sure we were hearing and following what His plan was. And we are so thankful for His love, and for keeping his hand over us throughout all of it. He is so great! :)

Also, here is a quick recap in picture form of this past year. Enjoy!

Wedding Day!
Honeymoon in Punta Cana, DR
Last night in Virginia. With our new snow shovel which is usually necessary for WI weather. But thankfully we never had to use it. ha!
Our first weekend in Milwaukee.
The day we got our precious girl, Kenzie
My sweet co-workers/Milwaukee friends. Miss them!
After crossing the VA state line on our way home. We've missed these mountains and weather!
Thanksgiving with family
Next post, you'll get to see a little more of thanksgiving and our tree! :)

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  1. yay for being back in virginia! i love virginia! sorry i didn't get to see you two while you were here... christmas??