Monday, January 3, 2011

1 Year

Yesterday, Andrew and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary. I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that an entire year has already gone by. I think I must have turned to Andrew about 50 times yesterday and said "Can you believe it's been a year!?"

I will never understand how time flies by so fast, but all I know is, despite the speed, an abundance of amazing memories are made along the way. I love reflecting back on our past year of marriage and thinking about everything we've done, every where we've visited, every new friend we've made, and every new memory we've created. I love reflecting on how marriage has allowed us to grow in so many ways, and has taught us so much about each other.

I am so thankful to be married to such a wonderful man. And I am so blessed to be able to share this journey of marriage with my best friend, and the ONLY person I know of that could ever put up with me 24/7 for a lifetime.

We started our special day with homemade cinnamon rolls by your truly. I've been on this baking kick lately, so any reason or occasion to bake, I will! Plus, they're Andrew's favs, so what better way to show him I love him :)

We got tickets to go see the Lion King since they were in town on our Anniversary. Ever since I saw Wicked in Chicago, I've been dying to see more shows...and with Andrew. So we finally got to see one together, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Unfortunately we don't have any pictures of this part of the night since of course you can't take pictures at the show. sad. But we did grab a couple of shots at Andrew's parents house when we dropped Kenzie off! They were kind enough to watch her while we were at the show so she didn't have to be home alone. Such sweet in-laws.

The show was at 6pm, so we planned to just eat a late dinner at Bonefish Grill. I have been dying to eat here (since neither Andrew or I have ever been...crazy, I know), so luckily the Virginia Beach Restaurant didn't close until least that's what it said online. We pull into the parking lot a little after 9, only to find they had 9. BOO! So there went our anniversary dinner. sad again. I'm not gonna lie...I was a little bummed out. I had this perfect evening planned out in my head of getting all gussied up, going to a sweet show and then finishing off the night with a nice dinner. Clearly my "planned-in-my-head" perfect evening just took a detour. We decided to just head home and tried to figure out what to do now. We were both starving and everything was pretty much closed.

Then I remembered something. The night of our wedding after we left the reception to go to our hotel, it hit us that we were starving! We had been warned about this before our wedding about bride and grooms being hungry after the wedding since they are so pre-occupied to really even eat. I told myself there was NO way this would happen to me because I was stoked about the food and couldn't wait to eat to my heart's content on the most special night of my life! Let's be honest though...I should have known the first day of my dress fitting that there was no way any food was filling up my stomach with my corset of a dress. I tried to eat at the reception...I really did. But everyone was right...there was just so much excitement, and due to the dress restrictions, I clearly did not eat to my heart's content. So, there we were, hungry after our reception. So what did we do? Why, we picked up a large half cheese, half pepperoni pizza and a side of wings from Chanello's! Chowed down on our king size bed in our hotel suite and finally ate to our heart's content.

So on the Anniversary celebrating the day we got married, we decided why not re-live the same meal we had on our wedding night? Plus, we're not cake people, so didn't save cake from our wedding to eat on our is such a better idea.

So yes, Chanello's it was! Large half cheese, half pepperoni with a side of wings.

And it may not be a king size bed, but we had to follow the same eating spot.

So it may not have been the evening I had planned in my head, but it's definitely one we will remember and laugh about. Actually, Andrew enjoyed it so much, he thinks this should just be our annual Anniversary tradition to have Chanello's pizza and wings in bed...We'll see ;) . But last night really did humble me, and made me feel silly for getting so caught up in the "events" of the evening. It reminded me that's it's not about what we do, or where we go, but it's about celebrating the covenant that we made a year ago in front of family, friends, and most importantly God. It's about taking time to cherish and celebrate that special day that we united as one, united families, and started this amazing journey of marriage. I am so grateful for a loving husband to share life with. And I can't wait to celebrate many more anniversaries in years to come...even if we just celebrate with pizza in bed :)

(p.s. For all you Bonefish Grill worries, we did reschedule for another night this week. We are still dying to try it. ha.)


  1. you two are too cute. really.

    also, bonefish is AMAZING. saucyyy shrimp. yum!

  2. can i get that cinni roll recipe? Todd LOVES them too... or you could just make them for me & deliver. I want a hang out redo! it was so sweet to see you guys! Todd is also bummed he missed out on it! love you!

  3. wow, you're a really good writer. I love reading your blog. it inspired me to start one too! congrats again