Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Well, Ladies and Gents...considering how long it has been since we've posted anything on here, Andrew and I should just get our blogging rights revoked. I wouldn't be surprised if no one even reads this. We're sorry for being so lame. But there is a reason! Sort of. You see...we both have our trusty Apple MacBooks that we use at home. Love them. They've been so good to us over the years. Until recently. Nowadays, neither of us can use the CD drive as all CD's that enter now get jammed, which leads to a trip to the Apple Store to get them removed (thanks Erin for your help with that!). And as for pictures...umm, we have about 700+ of those just sitting in our lovely Cannon Rebel waiting ever so patiently to be downloaded. But we can't. Both MacBooks are pretty much maxed out in storage, along with our external hard drives, and not to mention is seems to take about 34587987 years for the pictures to download IF they decide they want to. It's all very frustrating. And actually, I'm probably describing it all wrong and Andrew will probably correct me later...but point is, our beloved MacBooks just aren't really cutting it anymore beyond surfing the web. As for why this has affected my lack of blogposts? Well, I've discovered I'm sort of a picture snob about them and only want to make a post if I have pictures to include. Sorry. It's the visual person in me. SO, with all that said...we ultimately felt it was time to upgrade to solve all these problems. This afternoon, my sweet husband will be picking up this BEAUTY! (Again, thank you Erin for your help! FYI for anyone reading - this Erin I keep thanking is our lovely cousin who lives in the gorgeous city of Charleston and works at Apple. She's basically the best.)

I am soooo excited about this pretty piece of technology, I can hardley contain it! I almost feel bad for our poor little MacBooks now as they will probably become severly neglected. Andrew and I will probably even argue like little kids over who gets to use the computer since we will both no-doubt want to play on it at the same time (remember the episode of Friends when Monica and Phoebe fight over playing on the Pac-Man Machine? yea, something like that). So no more empty promises this time when I say I'll be posting more soon! So if you haven't given up on us yet, THANKS...if you have, understandable.


  1. Ahh that is so funny! I just watched that episode of Friends the other night! I am with you.. I feel like blog post without pictures don't do justice

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  2. Good Stuff! After having an ipod and now an iphone I really want to have a mac because my pc is just ridiculous

  3. Good for you !! I know you'll enjoy that !!

  4. well, you are so very welcome! i'm glad i could be helpful! let me know how much you love it :)