Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Very Merry IKEA Christmas

Since Andrew and I decided to purchase a brand new computer a month before Christmas, we agreed that this would just be our Christmas present to each other....along with a trip to IKEA!

You see, our whole bedroom set is from IKEA and there was one more dresser piece that we were missing. Our last two apartment bedrooms would not have been able to fit this 3rd piece, but in our current townhouse, there was not only plenty of space, but the PERFECT space for it in our new bedroom. So on Veterans day, Andrew and I used our glorious day off of work to make a day trip to IKEA. Seriously...if you have never been to an IKEA, you for real need an entire day. That store is amazing. And I would say we had a very successful day trip...despite Andrews face (pictured below), extra long receipt, and a clearly blown budget.

When we got home, Andrew got to work right away putting together our new dresser

but it wasn't all work and no play :) ha!

Oh, what did I do while Andrew played handyman and goofball?
Why, I supervised of course!

And maybe watched a couple of episodes of this

And maybe played with this sweet girl

As things started going up on the walls, we started getting excited about how it was turning out!

...almost there...

All done!

We LOVE our new addition to our bedroom. And we couldn't have accomplished this look without some help from IKEA. Okay, maybe a LOT of help from IKEA since everything pictured came from that store.

Oh, and we can't forget about our new desk for our new computer! Love this new set up too...again, thanks to IKEA :)

So (Early) Merry Christmas, babe. Hope you enjoy the new computer, dresser and desk! (And when did we become old enough for furniture to be exciting Christmas presents?)

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