Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A simply sweet 2 year anniversary

Andrew and I have now been married for 731 days. wowza.

Yesterday Andrew and I had a perfectly relaxing, sweet and simple 2 year anniversary. We were so fortunate this year that new years day fell on a Sunday and therefore gave us an automatic holiday on Monday (our anniversary!). What a great way to end a long weekend :)

Knowing that we both were going to have the whole day off together, I didn't want to pack our day full of "stuff" and running around. We already had enough of that happen with the holidays. So instead, we opted to use this day to relax and enjoy a solid, full day of quality time together. No schedule. No house work. No errands. No to-do's. And let me tell you...it was exactly what we needed and exactly the kind of anniversary we both loved.

We started the day by sleeping in (hallelujah!). Sleeping in was then followed by hot coffee and waffles and warm blankets and cuddling on the couch and harry potter movies. And that, my friends, was a wonderful combination of events.

Andrew was then sweet enough to take me to get a pedicure. Lucky for him, there was a TV in the salon that had football on. What took place right here is what we call "compromising". It's a major key to this marriage thing, folks! :)

As we approached dinner time, we had 2 options. 1) Fancy dinner out. Or 2) keep it simple with the same "tradition" that we started on our wedding night - Chanello's pizza with a side of wings (remember last years post from our 1 year anniversary?).

Andrew was absolutely giddy with the idea of having Chanello's on our anniversary every year from here on out. In his words, "It's awesome! No one else has a tradition like it!" ha. That's for sure! But let me tell ya...he's so darn cute when he gets giddy excited. So how can I not agree with him!? Plus, I admit...it is kind of a fun and quirky "tradition". So why not!

Here's us last year...on our 1 year Anniversary....with our half cheese/half pepperoni pizza and a side of wings.

*(I apologize right now for the mixture of quality canon camera pics and semi-blurry instagram iphone pics that you are about to view)

This year. Year 2. Waiting on our half cheese/half pepperoni pizza and a side of wings - Look at that sweet and handsome "anniversary" face :) Love that I get to see this face every day, for the rest of my life.

There it is...our now traditional White wedding anniversary meal.

Holding up a 2 for 2 years! Or doing an Asian peace sign. Whichever you prefer to view it as. I sort of prefer the latter...at least my eyes are going along with it.

Just a little "cheesy" chow down picture here. Ha, get it? (Insert a "womp, womp")

No anniversary is complete without a fancy dessert! Or in our case, Sweet Frog. SO yummy and the perfect treat to top off our night. (5 bucks to whoever can guess which cup belongs to Brittany and which cup belongs to Andrew. Easiest 5 bucks you'll ever earn.)

My favorite part (and ending) to this simply sweet anniversary day was the time we spent reading our bibles and praying together right before bed. One of our goals for 2012 is to read through the entire bible...together. We picked out our reading plan and last night we began. I can already tell this is going to be my favorite part of every day. And now that you all know this is our goal, you can help keep us accountable!

Well, what a wonderful year 2 it has been - Our first full year back in Virginia. Moving into a new place. I started a new job. Almost a full year with our wonderful new home church. So much to be thankful for and so many blessings to praise our heavenly father for.

I also love that our anniversary date falls right at the beginning of a new year. It falls during a time when we all generally reflect on the past year and look forward to what the new year holds. I am SO looking forward to what this new year of marriage holds - but more than that, I am looking forward to what our sweet Lord has in store for us this new year. Because whether it may be good or bad, all I know is that HE is good. And He uses all things and all circumstances for His good and glory. So our prayer for this new year is that we would continue to trust Him in our relationship and with our relationship. What a beautiful gift marriage is and how merciful our Father is for letting us experience such a wonderful thing - considering we are all so undeserving. So what better way to be thankful than by glorifying him with all that we are and all that this marriage is.

So here's to year 3 - I pray that Andrew and I would use this marriage and this year to grow in His love and share it with others.

Happy 2 years, babe! And thank you for spending a simply sweet anniversary with me :)


  1. AH! B, this made me tear up a bit! You guys are wonderful...nothing against VA, but I wish you lived here. End of story!