Monday, May 14, 2012

A day for Moms and Moms-to-be!

Yesterday we celebrated some pretty special women in our lives. Women who have birthed, raised, shaped, loved and nurtured us. Women who have been a blessing in our lives, and who we are proud to call our Moms. 

What's even more special about this day for moms, is that some of us are gaining this honored name for the first time! 

My baby may not be in my arms yet, but he/she is definitely with me! As my belly grows, I know my baby is also. As my baby kicks and wiggles, I get to feel it. I'm still getting to nurture, feed, and love my baby, just in a physically different way...from the inside. This mother/child bond is already forming, and therefore I already consider myself a mommy...A mommy who is SO excited to see and hold my very first baby for the very first time. I already love this little life inside of me.

See baby grow! 11 weeks / 19 weeks!

A mommy who is so thankful for my own mom, who is the most amazing mom a girl could dream of. A mom who I can easily say is a best friend and who I was honored to have standing next to me on my wedding day as my matron of honor. Mom, I can only hope and pray to follow in your footsteps, to be at least half of the amazing mother that you are to me! 

And to all the other wonderful mother figures in my life, THANK YOU, for being such wonderful role models. For teaching me and showing me the power and wonder of motherly love. For encouraging me and supporting me as I get ready to join your club. 

So to all you special women who hold this lovely title...I hope you felt extra loved yesterday and always!

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