Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Little LADY on the way

I'm officially the worst at blogging in a timely manner. ugh. It's only been...oh...almost 2 weeks since we had the big reveal!? Oh well. Forgive me? Besides, thats what facebook is "officially" announce stuff on there, right? ha.
Anyways, just in case you still care to know how the big reveal happened, here's a little recap post!

 Saturday, May 19th, we had a lovely little gathering where we finally found out that we have a sweet little LADY on the way! :)

Andrew and I always knew (even before the baby-on-the-way was a reality) that we wanted to do something fun one day when it came time to find out whether we were having a boy or girl. So once it was a reality, the planning was in place! I always thought a reveal cake was a cute idea and it just so happens that my best friend Jessie is pretty legit at making awesome I knew it would be a perfect fit and a perfect plan! Her cake ended up exceeding anything I could have imagined (as I knew it would), and I love knowing that we will always have this fun, sweet memory of finding out about our baby girl! (Thanks a million, JK!) So yep...sweet Baby White is now sweet Baby GIRL White :) And we couldn't be more thrilled!

Now, for a little picture recap of how it all went down....

No reveal party would be complete without some adorable little man/little lady decorations! The talented Jessie was also the awesome creator of these adorable chocolate candy props.

Didn't I say Jessie was legit?! As much as I was dying to cut into this cake to see the inside, I was also dying, knowing I would ruin such a beautiful thing!

We had each guest wear a little man mustache, or a little lady bow depending on what their guess was...let's just say, majority were convinced it was a boy. Sorry folks!
Currently, I'm obssesed with making these cute yarn pom poms for party decorations - perfect, simple DIY decor for any event!
 20 week bump - baby girl is growing!

Here's some series shots for ya'll, to get a glimpse of our initial reactions as we cut the cake. I'd say, they were pretty priceless :)

To sum it up - I bawled like a baby from the excitement and reality of it, and Andrew looked scared (but happy!) to death. ha! There were so many emotions going, but in the end, we were both so thrilled to call ourselves parents of a sweet baby girl!
Can't wait for baby girl to meet her awesome Aunt Jessie!
Pink Cake!

Since Jessie was the ONLY one who knew the gender before the reveal party, she was sweet enough to buy us the first gender appropriate baby outfit - the sight of Andrew holding this onesie with "daddy's girl" totally brought me to tears! I'm such a sap. And I can't wait to see him hold that precious litte girl soon.

Oh, heyyy bumps! Baby Girl White meeting her future husband...I mean, friend, Haddon! ;) (p.s. he's due in like, 2 weeks, and we can't wait to meet him! c'mon Haddon!)

Well there you have it! We love referring to my bump as our baby girl...and just in case you were wondering....yes, we will keep referring to her as baby girl because we've decided to keep her name a secret until she arrives. Sorry, folks!
Clearly, we just love secrets...can't you tell? :)

XO, Brittany and Baby Girl White

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