Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Little Man or Little Lady?

Today was the day! We woke up this morning, so excited to go to the doctor's office to see pictures of our little baby...and to finally find out if, come September, we will be bringing a home a little son or little daughter!

So the gender is known!....just not by us. YET.

Yes. That's right. We're are waiting until this weekend to find out with our nearest and dearest. I know...we're crazy. And yes...it's already killing me. But it will be so worth it to have our loved ones around us as we make the big reveal!

...So stay tuned for the results this weekend :) In the meantime...what's your guess?
I think it's a girl. Mainly because all this baby wants to eat is apples and sweets!


  1. Actually a girl is due . Either way is ok though . Can't wait !!

  2. so exciting. Wish you the best. You will be a great mom :)

  3. Ah. A little lady! I want to buy her cute little pink things and make her watch Gilmore Girls!